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I’m not dead just haven’t been able/motivated to draw much.
i just find hardcore dancing one of the most absurd things on the planet
idk why but kitchens are my favorite thing to piddle around with in sketchup
Quick portrait of Nem, I haven’t drawn her for a while, so her features don’t quite match up with how I see her in my head. Oh well, I can always do better next time.

you won’t know by boniest

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i feel sad i haven’t been able to draw much lately
lord of dogtown gino and sid
fiyuhboid sid probably a couple years after i planned the story to end (the summer after high school). there is a reason i am not a tattoo artist as evidenced in the tattoos.
also hair because it bugs me when people draw men as hairless babies all the time though i imagine he shaves his chest because he’s supposed to be hairier than this but my hand got tired.

My roommate says her face is fucked up but I think it’s the best face I’ve done with no reference
i was looking up the lyrics of a type o song in spotify, and they showed pictures of the band in the background. one of them showed the band in a laundromat, and it made me think of slow turning tide in the firebird — i could totally see them grabbing a photo student and just taking random pictures then badly editing them in photoshop and the laundromat being one of the places that wouldn’t kick them out.
nyoom avons
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