My roommate says her face is fucked up but I think it’s the best face I’ve done with no reference
i was looking up the lyrics of a type o song in spotify, and they showed pictures of the band in the background. one of them showed the band in a laundromat, and it made me think of slow turning tide in the firebird — i could totally see them grabbing a photo student and just taking random pictures then badly editing them in photoshop and the laundromat being one of the places that wouldn’t kick them out.
nyoom avons
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woa hello deer tits
I’m sorry I can’t stop. More Sid and Helga.
aka more stuff that is only funny to me. if you leave your music on shuffle when you do it, you’re going to have a bad time.
So I wanted to draw Helga from the comic I did again, and Rhonda too because why not. I don’t really have any set headcannon for the characters because they’re like 9, so they can go and do whatever, really. As long as it’s plausible I’m like, yep, okay.

surprise bitch.
bet you didn’t expect to see me here
am i doing it rite
anyways ME
Self Poortrait 3 by apocalypticism

dicking around with painter’s symmetry function
My Corel Painter Epiphany

So late this summer, my boyfriend RD bought me Corel Painter X3 for a birthday present (yay student discount, making things affordable for me, a student!) and I was super excited to try it out again (I think I dabbled with a free trial once when I was 15 or something) because after working with Sai for about a year, it became a lot harder for me to paint in Photoshop. So I was looking forward to having a photoshop-level painting program designed for painting.

But even after I got used to the interface and became comfortable with it — I was still having a lot of trouble making the brushes work like I assumed they would work. They didn’t blend like I thought they would, they didn’t have the opacity and color load sensitivity I thought they would. I was getting frustrated — there are so many brushes, maybe I just didn’t find the right one? Was I just too used to photoshop that I couldn’t ease myself into Painter?

But then, the other day, I watched a video for Painter sponsored by Wacom and found out about Brush Tracking for individual brushes. IT’S A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. IT DOES WHAT I WANT AND NEED IT TO DO. Just aaah I’m so excited about having found this that I want everyone to know about it. Maybe I was just a big old dingbat for not knowing about it… but I don’t know. Maybe there’s someone out there struggling like I was.

So if you don’t already know Painter can do that — go to Window > Brush Control Panels > Brush Calibration (on Painter X3 it’s third from last) and try it out.